Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flower Giving

I have always wondered why we give flowers as gifts.  They sort of just die eventually.  Yes they are pretty, but many of us have allergies too.  I just literally typed into the google search bar, "Why give flowers?"  And what popped up, as I suspected, was propaganda and ads for flower shops in the area.  It has become such a commonality in our lives that no one has actually stepped back and asked how flowers are a conventional and likable gift.

I wonder because the first time I have been given flowers as gifts were this year, it happened a couple of times actually.  Yeah, I liked them.  It was so sweet that someone went out, picked out flowers, and took care of them long enough to give them to me.

I bring this up because I had no idea what to do with flowers that were given to me.  They are pretty.  That is so nice.  I now have flowers polluting my house are just dying over time.  They were used for one reason- to put a smile on my face.  Now that their job is over, they no longer have a job.

That is a lie though.  We are taught that we should always be giving.  What if our entire lives were to reach one goal?  Or to make someone smile once?  It'd be pretty pointless.  We must keep making others smile, we must keep giving.

What I did with those flowers was give them away.  I removed what was close to dying, and gave away the flowers to make someone else smile, and I asked them to do the same thing.  From one boutique of flowers, we made 5 people smile, not just one.  I invite you to keep giving flowers whenever they are given to you- there is no specific occasion necessary!

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  1. Well, what else would we give? Potatoes?!?!?!?!