Thursday, October 29, 2009

Midterm Break

I have no classes until Monday.

Finally- a break. I haven't had a time to stop since I got here and its been wearing me down.

I'm going to Alexa's to hand candy out to little children.

I might make a last minute costume.

I might go for a run.

I'll play Rockband.

I'll do laundry.

I'll also study for my Theology quiz and Chemistry Test on that Monday. But eh, I won't worry about those just yet.

I can't wait. =) Only a few more hours on this campus!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Math Talk

While in the Coffee Shop writing about nonsensical things (the last two blog posts to be precise) I overheard a study group. Its so much fun to eavesdrop on math conversations. They speak in a code that is understandable, but not comprehensible. I decided to make a list of everything I heard or could write down. This was 5 minutes of real Math Talk.

-2 and 3 on this side
-on D
-missing something
-Always 2nd Guess
-G and then I
-2 and 3 = ?
-on 1
-He was probably right but I didn't understand
-Q Dependent
-on 1?
-2 and 3 = 1
-Always standard function
-Have P and Q
-Still 1
-1 is 1

There's no way I can tell you what the math problem was that they were solving, but I can tell you I recognize everything. Its like being able to label the parts, you just don't know how they work together as one. I think my favorite is the last one, "1 is 1." It is what it is. I guess math can help us learn some philosophical matters of our life. Maybe we just have to listen to the right words.

Minnesota Nice

I don't understand these people.
I don't know how their brains work.
If pushed out of their comfort zone, they'll cry.
If kept in their comfort zone, they'll complain.
When they find someone new in their lives, they hold on for dear life.
If a new relationship?
They must hold on. They fear that they will find no one else after that.

My acts of kindness, scare people.
My care for them, confuses people.
My love towards others, terrifies people.

This is a Catholic community.
We are taught to love unconditionally.

I don't know if its worse where I am from, either to love fully or not at all.
Or if its worse here, loving only with set, limited, conditions.

If I can find a way to combine Massachusetts' of unconditional love towards the ones we hold close, and Minnesota's way of love towards strangers...

I think I will discover something truly beautiful.


Passion = Power.

If your passion is so strong, you have the power to do anything.

Passion is what drives our world, our lives, our ambitions.

Passion for a better world, love, joy, peace, completeness.

And also a Passion for destruction, pain, money, land.

Passion is easily comparable to Religion. In the right hands it can save our world, or an individual's world. People's lives. Whether you have passion or religion in your life or not, it does have an effect on someone else.

At the same time, Religion and Passion can destroy. In the wrong hands it causes long term pain.

Without Passion, there is no power.

Without Passion or Power, there is no civilization.

No Humanity.

Can Humanity exist without Religion? Or is it just like Passion and Power?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lucifer Darling

New Song! Enjoyyy.

Lucifer Darling

When the angels had told me,
at those pearly white gates,
That I was blessed to be
loved by He.
I cried and wept,
For God wasn't my lover.
I could only love my Lucifer.

Lucifer my love,
nothing can stop us.
Devil my dear,
these flames will protect this.
You've been lonely for millennia,
and I've been lonely for years.
Now in Hell we'll dwell,
and in Heaven we'll be.

They damned me down,
damned my poor soul.
They said I was cursed,
they gave me their all.
But it sure was a blessing,
to finally be with you.
They say God can love-
Can't the devil too?


I will protect you,
no more hiding.
I will love you,
no more dying.
You will be cursed no more,
for our love will save you.


For I will bring you peace.