Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Minnesota Nice

I don't understand these people.
I don't know how their brains work.
If pushed out of their comfort zone, they'll cry.
If kept in their comfort zone, they'll complain.
When they find someone new in their lives, they hold on for dear life.
If a new relationship?
They must hold on. They fear that they will find no one else after that.

My acts of kindness, scare people.
My care for them, confuses people.
My love towards others, terrifies people.

This is a Catholic community.
We are taught to love unconditionally.

I don't know if its worse where I am from, either to love fully or not at all.
Or if its worse here, loving only with set, limited, conditions.

If I can find a way to combine Massachusetts' of unconditional love towards the ones we hold close, and Minnesota's way of love towards strangers...

I think I will discover something truly beautiful.

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