Saturday, January 2, 2010

High School Friendships

I had a wonderful New Years, one of the best I'd say. I had never been into Boston for First Night, so it was a real treat this year to finally be able to. But not only did I go to First Night, I spent it with friends.

When talking to Jean later about this, I mentioned that they weren't "that bad." I said this because we never hung out with them too much until after graduation, and I hoped she felt the same way about this group as I did. And she recalled a conversation we had that I only remember after she mentioned it. I said something along the lines of, "when I come back from college, those are the friends I want to see. Those are the people I want to surround myself with. In all honesty, these are the friends I'll have probably for the rest of my life."

And its true. Although I only really and truly got to know them at the end of Senior Year, they are the people I want to surround myself with. They are the ones I want to hang out with when I come home from Minnesota. They enjoy my company and respect me for who I am. They actually like having me around. I have a great time with them. I can be myself.

Sometimes your closest friends are the ones you least expect.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009

Here is a toast to a wonderful year!

Fired from my Godiva Job.
Discovered UU church experience.
Had been told I could not work in Festival show, "Sakuntala and the Ring of Recollection."
Received Scholarship for St. Kate's


Gave Jean a jar of Dove dark chocolate with pink roses.
Cried over Adam not coming for Valentines Day.
Touched base with old/new friends who were not a part of Theater.
Was Confirmation Sponsor for Katie

Festival Shows: Went to every showing to show my appreciation (also gave gifts to every cast member)
Adam's Birthday
Had a thing with Riley from Ipswich
Overnight Preview at St. Kate's; stuck in Chicago overnight thanks to United Airlines

Jean's Birthday
Ended things with Riley
Started dating Aaron
Aaron's Birthday
Jean received state award
Jean accepted into AIB with full scholarship
Received job at Broadway Market
Confirmation Retreat
Found my Roommate, Abby

Received prize from school for Movement for the Actor/Athlete
Dance Works performances
Sprained ankle (crutches and cane)
Prom (healed ankle by then)
Katie was Confirmed

Graduation on Harvard Yard
Broke up with Aaron
My Birthday
Registered for Classes at St. Kate's
Working at Protein Forest
Bridging Con at UU Church
Michael leaves

Adam comes out for July 4th weekend
Began running on a regular basis

Sent all of my stuff to Abby
Last Day of work at Protein Forest and Broadway Market
Double Date with Jean and 2 guys from Starbucks (we knew for 4 years)
Hung out with Aaron again after a silent summer
Hung out with MMA peeps =)

Left to Minnesota
Met Abby in person
Moved in to room at St. Kate's
Endured 3 days of Orientation
Went to Cosmic Bingo for the first time
Alexa's Birthday
Met, befriended, and started dating Alexa
Received Social Justice Coordinator job in Campus Ministry

Alexa hit her head and suffered from a concussion and amnesia
Ended things with Adam
Abby's Birthday
Became deadly sick
Alexa became deadly sick
Got a Staff Social Justice Coordinator
Halloween at Alexa's
Dropped out of the Intermediate Latin Course

School of the America's Protest
Thanksgiving at home
Paramore Concert
Hung out with the Nerds

Registered for Winter classes
Charity Ball
Michael arrives home
Spent Holidays with Alexa and her family
Arrived Home
New Years Eve in Boston for First Night with the Nerds

And now 2010. Happy New Year everyone =)


I have so many good posts I wanted to make between midterms and now, but I really didn't have the time. But theres a LOT to recap... so I guess I'll just pick up here. =)

It is day 1 of 2010. Funky stuff. I am sitting at home, at the table, on my computer. I feel like my dad- who is usually sitting here writing away. I wish I had the creativity to write, but I prefer to journal as opposed to writing. I like to reflect on my personal experiences as in depth as possible, and its a slight difference from "writer." I like writing so that the audience may understand my reasoning for actions, or so they may relate to my experience and see it from my perspective. I feel that writers write to get any emotion or reaction from an audience- before they write the scene. I really don't care in how my audience reacts.

Moving on though- I have nothing to write. Sooo on my time off I have spent working, with friends, and on the down time learning some American Sign Language. I think its a time well spent.

Its good to be home friends =)