Friday, January 1, 2010


I have so many good posts I wanted to make between midterms and now, but I really didn't have the time. But theres a LOT to recap... so I guess I'll just pick up here. =)

It is day 1 of 2010. Funky stuff. I am sitting at home, at the table, on my computer. I feel like my dad- who is usually sitting here writing away. I wish I had the creativity to write, but I prefer to journal as opposed to writing. I like to reflect on my personal experiences as in depth as possible, and its a slight difference from "writer." I like writing so that the audience may understand my reasoning for actions, or so they may relate to my experience and see it from my perspective. I feel that writers write to get any emotion or reaction from an audience- before they write the scene. I really don't care in how my audience reacts.

Moving on though- I have nothing to write. Sooo on my time off I have spent working, with friends, and on the down time learning some American Sign Language. I think its a time well spent.

Its good to be home friends =)

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