Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm not. At least, I don't think I am. Its hard to say. Everyone expects me to be homesick, and I do feel a little uneasy on the weekends when no one is around to do anything. But I'm okay.

At home I loved to do things on my own. Shopping, walking, riding the train, getting to and from work or school, reading or sitting by the river, eating. I lived by the philosophy of having at least one "me" day, and all the other days of the week be "we" days. This is what I miss. I miss just having my iPod and deciding where I will be going or what I need to get or what I want to do - and actually doing it. I could do it all subconciously - knowing how much money I need, or knowing I have to stop by an ATM on the way, or by a Starbucks. It was something I never had to consider and think about.

I tried to do this when I went to the pharmacy. It was nice, and I'm really glad I had something sort of like home. But it wasn't the same because I wasn't familiar enough that I had to be so aware of my surroundings so I don't get hit by a car, or get lost, or get hit on by the wrong people.

So I miss "me" time. But as much as I miss the company of my family and friends, I'm okay. I can admit that I don't remember what their hugs are like, or what their laughter sounds like, or how they smile, but I know I'll get to see them again soon. And I can tell them all about the friendships and bonds I have made here. I was always told that I adapt well to new surroundings, and I'm easy to get to know. It was tested, and I'd say they are pretty right.

So, I'm okay. And its nice to say that for once.

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