Thursday, January 29, 2009

High School Drawback

I am getting the worst case of senioritis. I have yet to do one piece of homework at home, and I have perfect 100s in all my classes up to date. This saddens me quite honestly.

Right now I am supposed to be studying about African Sleeping Sickness. Something I have never heard of. For a project that is due next Thursday. I currently have Wikipedia open behind this window. We have all the class time to research, for the next week. This project, reminds me of freshman year. This is supposed to be a hard class. What bullshit. The teacher treats us like children, and doesn't challenge us. We give her obvious hints that we are not learning anything, that we are not being challenged, and she completely misses it. If she tried to motivate me then I might be more excited.

I also have to take French 2, which is mostly sophomores and freshmen. I do the homework right before class, it is so easy. The phrase "bored to tears" has never been more exact in describing my feelings towards this class. For the freshman and sophomores, its probably difficult. I really don't know. But for my level of understanding, its boring as all hell.

Its difficult to concentrate, but Adv. Dance & Choreography is hard to keep focus in. It's extremely fun and relaxing to get my creativity out, but I'm also impatient because I have dance ideas I want to start!! It's also difficult for me to grasp that this is a class I will be graded for because she treats it like an extracurricular activity.

The only class I have taken seriously thus far, is Exercise Physiology. Want to know why? Ms. Augustine treats us like adults. And I'm glad. I am actually learning something in her class, although the textbook is written for juniors and seniors in college. She is the only teacher preparing me for college at this point, and I'm glad I have a teacher like her at this point in my life. She motivates us to read the text, and to take notes, at our own will. But her grading system is very heavy on the tests, so we must participate so when we study we aren't hurting ourselves more than we need to.

I wish we had more teachers that treated us like adults. Some teachers try and keep us as kids, because they feel we "aren't ready to grow up yet." (Ms. Miceli.) Some teachers treat us like kids because sometimes we act like some. What they don't understand is we will not be adults until you treat us as adults. Tell us what you expect from us not as students, but as students who will enter the real world momentarily. I see my teachers more than anyone else in my life some weeks, they are my example. Please please please, treat us as adults, and we might just be closer to being prepared, than our senioritis would allow us.

On a side note, we should of had school off yesterday. I have never walked through worst weather in my life. My boots are broken, the bottom of one just sort of fell off. And so I was up to my ankles in freezing water, in my own boots. I lost feeling in them to a point where I couldn't walk, as I was also trying to balance on ice, while fighting wind, and rain, and hail, and snow. It was a shit day. We also should have had school off today because the ice was terrifying. My mom offered me a ride today, and she never offers me a ride ever. So my highschool sucks. End.

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  1. Don't worry. In college you'll be definitely treated as an adult in class.