Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Landmark Day

Today, is the first day of my last semester as a highschool student.  My last semester at CRLS.  My last semester before my education is no longer free.  It will be my last, first highschool day.  My classes are by no means senior slacker classes, which scares me because I already have senioritis!!!!  But thats okay.  I'll live it out.  My classes for this semester are:

HN Exercise Physiology - runs close to my major (Physical Therapy), wouldn't switch out for the WORLD.
HN French 2 - I hope to continue French in college, although I took French a year ago...
Epidemiology - I've been dying to take this class freshman year, but its realllly heavy duty stuff, I might switch out, but I have nothing to switch into either.  So we'll see.
HN Adv. Dance Technique & Choreography - I can finally learn how to create my own dances and perform it in front of people =)  Something I have been dying to do for a while.

Also today, Obama is now officially our president.

We had been told, in 3rd period, to leave and return to our homerooms.  My homeroom's TV couldn't work, so we joined up in Ms. Mili's room, with two other homeroom classes.  We gathered around the shit TV, that we had to use an antennae for.  It kept going fuzzy and going in and out from black & white to color.  But we saw it.  And we did it.

Never have I felt more confident in where I am going, thanks to Obama, and thanks to my school.  I'm ready.

"We are willing to give you a hand, if you are willing to unclench your fist."

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