Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Make the Snow Go Away!

I am so. sick. of. this. snow.  We have so much of it its ridiculous.  I never considered it, but in the movies you always see snow falling, or kids playing and laughing in it, or some heaps of it.  Lemme tell you, if you do not know, its a bitch.  Snow is a down right bitch after it falls.  YES you can go sledding and have snow ball fights and woo.  But its also a hassle to shovel, and keep off the sidewalks.  It ices over, turns brown and disgusting, and if not careful, can very easily cause you injury.  Or wet socks.  PLEASE someone make it all go away.  I'm tired of seeing snow on the sides of the sidewalks half my height!!!

Past that.  I am not heading to school because I have a Dentist Appointment.  Yay fillings.

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