Friday, January 30, 2009!

Hey so I recently signed up for, which is close to Facebook in format.  What you do is you fill out your profile as much as you can, and colleges then review your profiles.  Also with your profile, the website decides whether you qualify for:
Sweet-diggity-dawg Scholarship ~ $20,000
Ammunition for Tuition Scholarship ~ $25,000
2010 Scholarship ~ $2,000
2011 Scholarship ~ $2,000

And other great scholarships through colleges.

I ask you to sign up because:
1) This is a brilliant site.
2) Scholarship Opportunities.
3) Colleges get a chance to look at what you have to say more than what you have done.
4) I recieve MONEY for every time someone signs up and fills out a profile more than 30%.

PLEASE anyone join this site, I need the money as many of you know.  Also, its a great site!

^^I receive money if you use that link.^^

Thanks!  I hope you take up the opportunity to do this!  I highly suggest you do this if you are also a junior in highschool, but seniors is good too.

PS It's a great procrastination tool.

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